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Bits & Bones

Undesirable Becomes You

Dream Journal and anxiety prose

Photo by Samuele Giglio on Unsplash. Edited by Slaidey Valheim.

Walking by the so-called Undesirables,
I averted my eyes.

This act was not because I thought myself superior
or did not wish to see them for the bliss of my ignorance —
I surveyed the dirt proceeding my feet
out of a mounting anxiety of potential misunderstanding.




Bits & Bones is a collection of self reflection and expression. A mix of personal experiences, creative nonfiction and prose to move, break, and expose a soul.

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Slaidey Valheim

Slaidey Valheim

A writer of brutally honest non-fiction and gritty short stories. Posts every Monday and Wednesday! Support/follow her @

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