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Letter sent on Nov 5, 2015

Bits & Pixels — TL:DR Edition 7 / 2016 will be the year of VR

#It’s becoming a gamer’s world

In recent memory, there have been a few billion dollar gaming acquisition. Microsoft purchasing Minecraft for $2.6 billion, Facebook purchasing Oculus for $2 billion. But Activision, takes the cake, with their $5.9 billion acquisition of Candy Crush maker, King Digital . In comparison, Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise for $4 billion. Why? To shore up a current weak point in armor of this gaming giant, mobile.

1. I’m all about that content boss

2. Tech Roundup

  • Michael Wolf, former Yahoo board member and CEO of MTV, lays out the future of tech and media in 2016. Here are some key slides/insights insights:
  • — The average American spends more time on tech and media than work or sleep
  • — Messaging will blow past social networks as the dominant media activity
  • — the long-awaited cord cutting moment is still far off
  • — There is a “cable killer” coming, but it won’t look like you expect. It might look like what the smartphone did to mobile.
  • — e-sports and wagering will change the game in gaming
  • — one simple way to predict what tech and media players will do next to compete is to understand the following:

3. Game Roundup

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