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Letter sent on Jul 8, 2015

TL:DR Edition 2 / Showtime offers streaming, Apple Watch demand slows down and Russia says selfies are dangerous


  • If you don’t know the company Hacking Team, think of it as the hackers for hire that serve governments and states exclusively. They’ve been known to help governments crack down on journalist from Sudan to Russia. So it’s no surprise that when this company got hacked and had its secrets spilled out unto the interweb that many folks rejoiced. Now software companies are poring over the leaks to see what security holes need to be patched

1. I’m all about that content boss

2. Tech Roundup

3. Game Roundup

  • PewDiePie, arguably the most popular YouTube personality earned $7 million from his company. That’s almost a 100% increase from this $4 million tally in 2013.

4. Overheard

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