About the BitSchool Team

From left Bad Edwards (CMO), Philip Leipper (CTO) and Tom Ku (CEO)

Hi it’s Tom the BitSchool CEO and today I’d like to introduce the BitSchool Team. The team consists of a group of the cutting-edge artificial intelligence and blockchain developers and enthusiasts, best software programmers, competent global business managers, neuroscientists, teachers, tutors, parents and even students, who are all passionate about designing and developing the future landscape of education.

I myself have accumulated my expertise across diverse industries and functions, and also received my MBA from Columbia University. Especially post MBA, I worked at Ernst & Young New York and this experience has provided me with an acute and open business mind and skills required to lead effectively in global environments.

BitSchool’s co-founder Phil is a very talented developer having expertise across almost all IT areas with specialty in AI and Blockchain, on top of that, he has substantial teaching experience, which makes him just the right person for the BitSchool project.

BitSchool’s team comprises the best and brightest PhD and professors from academia in the field of Adaptive Formative Computerized Assessment and AI as well as neuroscientists and one of the most valuable parts is our teacher members who bring more than 50 years of teaching experience to BitSchool.

Apart from this expert group, an innovative team aspect would most probably be our next-generation student team who wants to be part of revolutionizing the education system so that no student will be left behind and everyone receive the required education in the most interesting fashion.

As you can see, BitSchool has the best team possible for making us a success. Join us now on our journey to the next education paradigm!

For more information visit our website at www.bitschool.io.