Announcement of New Advisor: Dr. Ian van der Linde

We extend our warm welcome to Dr. Ian van der Linde for joining our advisory board at BitSchool. Ian is currently a faculty member at the Computing & Technology Department of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and Chelmsford and has achieved remarkable accomplishments in using computer modelling and experimental psychology to study the human visual system. In particular, he is interested in gaze control, visual short-term memory, face perception, visual task planning, image quality assessment, multimodal binding, the impact of ageing on visual performance, and the computations performed in the early visual system. Ian is also a member of the Graphics, Image and Vision Research Area which is part of his University’s Informatics, Computing and Electronics Research Group. As an expert in Vision Science, Ian will play a crucial role in designing BitSchool’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies which at their core are built upon data that captures and analyses the human’s reaction and behaviour to perfect their Adaptive AI Assessment and intelligent learning-resource generation capabilities.

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