Partnership Announcement with Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF)

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF). CIF is a project focused on the education and implementation of Blockchain initiatives in both businesses as well as with the community at large. CIF will be focused on the consultation and implementation of Blockchain solutions for business looking to incorporate this disruptive technology into their existing business model. The Crypto Improvement Fund has already launched their proprietary Blockchain education piece (Blockchain.Edu — well as the CIF coin, who’s utility is for incenting business to adopt these emerging technologies as well as to purchase products and services offered by CIF.

CIF will bring invaluable conceptual and technological insights and expertise in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology to BitSchool and will help us with the design, development and deployment of our blockchain infrastructure as well as token utilities. In exchange, the innovative BitSchool Platform along with its mission to achieve educational excellence by applying cutting-edge technologies will form an exceptional case of a benchmark blockchain application that will further the goal of CIF to guide the successful settlement of this new-frontier technology in our community. We are looking forward to the positive synergy between BitSchool and CIF, and for more information of CIF, please visit their website at:

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