Announcing Bitski Seed Funding of $1.8M

Donnie Dinch
Nov 13, 2019 · 4 min read


  • $1.8M Bitski Seed Round brings total funding to $3.5M

Press Release:

Bitski has closed it’s $1.8M seed round, bringing a total $3.5M in funding from participants with a deep understanding of blockchain — not only as a technology, but as a developer tool that unlocks an entirely new set of user experiences. Investors include Galaxy Digital, Winklevoss Capital, Kindred Ventures, Coinbase, SV Angel, Animoca Brands, Signia Ventures, Bobby Goodlatte and others.

“Bitski has the right focus when it comes to crypto: ease-of-use. User friction is the single biggest factor holding back so many use-cases from reaching the mainstream.” –Bobby Goodlatte, Founder + GP, Form Capital

In the last year, over 300 apps have been created on Bitski’s platform and growing daily. Bitski’s set of developer tools help partners like The Sandbox, Clementine, Props, and SportX to bring their ideas to a mainstream audience.

Over the coming months, Bitski will continue building out it’s platform of developer tools. Bitski is poised to catalyze the adoption curve of blockchain as a new developer tool. We’re incredibly excited to what the next wave of developers build, and couldn’t be more excited to support them along the way.

Bitski’s developer platform allows developers to easily provide their users with a secure and usable wallet, eliminating the friction of customer onboarding that has previously hampered blockchain applications and user adoption. We’re excited for Bitski to help catalyze the next wave of companies integrating blockchain into their products. — Sterling Witzke, Partner, Winklevoss Capital.

Bitski FAQ

Featured Customers Using Bitski:

The Sandbox

The Sandbox game franchise is one of the world’s largest independent user-generated content and gaming platforms, with 40 million downloads and over one million monthly active users. The upcoming voxel-based blockchain version of The Sandbox, which adds many new creative and commercial possibilities as users can create voxel items and gaming worlds from the digital equivalent of building blocks, has been named one of the top 10 most anticipated blockchain games globally.

“The Sandbox is the perfect game for players to leverage new experiences like true digital ownership and value accrual, that can only be attained via blockchain.”

The Sandbox is using multiple Bitski tools to help their game reach a massive audience. The Bitski User Wallet will be the default wallet for all new users as it provides the easiest and most secure experience for people unfamiliar with crypto. Additionally, The Sandbox is taking advantage of Bitski’s App Wallets — Bitski’s hardware-backed programmatic wallet for developers.

The Sandbox is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020.


Props is built to empower the people who help digital communities thrive. Props provides open source infrastructure for a network of apps capable of transparently and fairly rewarding users with a shared token, giving users in-app benefits and a financial upside in the network to which they contribute. The project was started by live-streaming app YouNow, that has been running a non-crypto virtual currency for its 48 million registered app users, grossing $70M, since 2014.

Props effectively offers “token middleware” for apps, abstracting the blockchain tech, compliance and token economics using simple APIs and efficient infrastructure that makes mainstream users easily earn and utilize the token within apps they already use regularly. Props have been earned and used by more than 750,000 users since its July launch, and the PropsChain is currently processing ~10K transactions per hour. Several multi-million user apps announced the integration of Props to their apps.


We’re excited to introduce Clementine — a forthcoming strategy battle mobile game from Velosophy Labs. Players construct and assemble a team of heroes and lead them into battle to secure glory and rewards. The game will offer players a revolutionary degree of ownership of the heroes and other items they earn within the game, supported by Bitski’s architecture support, while delivering a uniquely seamless and thrilling experience. Additionally, Velosophy has partnered with Petrol — an industry-leading games marketing agency that’s worked on Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Bioshock and others.


Bitski is a developer platform that features the first digital wallet built for mainstream adoption.

Donnie Dinch

Written by

CEO @Bitski



Bitski is a developer platform that features the first digital wallet built for mainstream adoption.

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