Bitski Wallet JS SDK Beta: v.0.2

Thanks to everyone who’s taken time to provide feedback on the tools we’re building. We’ve made some changes to the JS SDK and bumped it to v.0.2. While we try to keep breaking changes to a minimum, there are a few in the latest release that you need to be aware of.

See the notes below and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

New Features

  • Use our provider for public web3 calls without being logged in
  • Remembers logged in status
  • Subscription support
  • Ability to check logged in status through getAuthStatus()
  • Sign in silently when possible with new start() method
  • Drop-in callback.html file for super simple integration
  • Adds remove method to ConnectButton
  • Improved performance through caching
  • Cleaner and simpler API

Breaking Changes

  • Web3 is no longer a dependency or bundled with the CDN version
  • signIn no longer takes a parameter and triggers popup sign in
  • Callback methods have been renamed callback() and redirectCallback()
  • getConnectButton() parameters have been changed
  • Log out URL removed from Bitski constructor

👉 Latest Release here 👈