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Meet Bitski — An SDK for usable, single-sign on wallets secured in hardware.

Donnie Dinch
Nov 27, 2018 · 2 min read

The past couple years have been exciting in crypto. Outside of the speculative bubble of 2017, we’ve seen developers building tons of creative projects. Save for a few novel outliers, the reality is that most projects have struggled to gain traction. While we genuinely believe blockchain is poised to overtake existing platforms, the shortcomings of the nascent infrastructure and tooling in the crypto space have made it difficult to build products with mainstream appeal today.

By late 2017, we were one of those teams experimenting with decentralized apps. Our interest with the decentralized web is driven by relatively simple ideas like easy transfer of value, transparency, and providing true digital ownership. After a few prototypes, it became very clear how challenging the onboarding and user experience would be for users new to crypto. More specifically, the wallet experience.

Wallets are a fundamental requirement for anyone interacting with a blockchain. Unfortunately, wallets are incredibly difficult for a non-technical person to set up. And even when they do, they often don’t understand the implications or responsibilities of what they’ve created.

We think there is a better way to provide users with secure wallets that are user friendly and accessible across any platform. In fact, we think that a better wallet experience will catalyze the next step function of mainstream adoption in the crypto space. This is why we built Bitski.

Today, we’re announcing our SDK to power secure wallets for developers and their users. We provide a unique hardware-secured private key storage solution and single-sign-on (SSO) wallet functionality. Read more on TechCrunch.

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A better wallet experience is the first of many developer tools we’re excited to build. If you’re tinkering on a side project or working at a large company, we’d love for you to try Bitski.

You should get started here:

Donnie, Julian + Bitski Team


Bitski is a developer platform that features the first…

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