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BitTorrent Speed is a new product integrated into the uTorrent Classic Client that rewards users with BTT in exchange for seeding and bandwidth, enabling faster downloads. The concept of BitTorrent Speed was aimed to solve the problem of having a low number of altruistic seeders in the ecosystem. By introducing an incentive for seeders, we hope to encourage the BitTorrent community to share their bandwidth.

Learn how you can link BitTorrent Speed to TronLink to withdraw and deposit!

Restoring your BitTorrent Speed wallet in your TronLink Account:

  1. Use the Google Chrome browser to search for the TronLink Chrome extension. Go here to download TronLink. Click “Add to Chrome” to download successfully.

2. Once you have TronLink downloaded, click on the icon on the top right of your Google Chrome browser. You will be prompted to create an account by simply typing in your desired password.

3. After you create your password, you will be taken to a page where you can decide to create a new account, restore an existing account, or sync up with your hard wallet such as Ledger. Click “Restore” to restore your BitTorrent Speed wallet.

4. Create a name for the account you are trying to restore and click “Continue”

5. Click “Private key” to restore your BitTorrent Speed wallet that is associated with your BitTorrent Speed account.

6. Enter your private key. You can find this information on the BitTorrent Speed interface. Please remember to never share your private key with anyone!

7. Go to the BitTorrent Speed interface. Click on “Wallet” on the left-hand navigation.

8. Click on “Show my private key” on the left-hand side of the Wallet dashboard in BitTorrent Speed.

9. Copy and paste the private key into TronLink to restore your account. Click “Continue”.

10. Wallet restoration is complete. You can manage your funds via TronLink.

11. Click on the Settings icon on the upper right-hand side of TronLink. Make sure the “Switch node” is on “Mainnet” to be able to see and manage your funds on the TRON blockchain.

Deposit to your BitTorrent Speed wallet:

  1. Go to the BitTorrent Speed wallet interface and click “Copy public wallet address”

2. Go to Binance or other exchanges of your choice. Paste in the public key of the wallet you wish to deposit to and how much you want to transfer.

3. Once that transfer is complete, you will see the BTT in your TronLink account, but not in your BitTorrent Speed wallet. You may also go to Tronscan to verify that the transfer is complete.

4. To complete the transfer, go to BitTorrent Speed wallet, and input how much you would like to deposit. Then click deposit.

Withdraw from your BitTorrent Speed wallet:

  1. Enter the amount of BTT you wish to withdraw (must be at least 1000 BTT). Click withdraw.
  2. You will see the BTT in your TronLink account.

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