llc. partners with bittorrentX for decentralized video streaming on StreamZ

Social platform provides token incentives using the TRON blockchain

DENVER, Colorado - April 29, 2019 - llc has entered into a strategic partnership with bittorrentX to bring you StreamZ, a decentralized video streaming service in a decentralized world.

Utilizing TronCloud from bittorrentX, llc wants to bring peer-to-peer streaming directly from the bittorrent network to the llc platform for everyone to enjoy. Users maintain control of their data while sharing in network rewards by participating in the tokenized social economy.

"Our collaboration with bittorrentX brings lightning fast, tokenized decentralized streaming services to the social media platform, side stepping today's centralized platforms," ​​said Troy Jones, founder of llc. ⚡by bittorrentX
“dApp developers should not need to rely on centralized services like YouTube to host video,” adds Valerian Bennett, CEO of bittorrentX. “We are making it easy for ambitious projects like to use decentralized media streaming rather than Google or AWS. And, because of the utility of the TRON blockchain, our TronCloud technology allows every user to share in the rewards.” llc is currently live and StreamZ is in development. bittorrentX recently released a live demo to showcase browser-based peer-to-peer streaming from the bittorrent network which is at the core of TronCloud. The strategic partnership expects to launch StreamZ later this year.

About llc llc is a tokenized social media platform that aims to incentivize users and build a tokenized economy. A social economy is driven by the community and for the community.

About bittorrentX

bittorrentX is an eXtension protocol connecting the bittorrent network and decentralized applications. dApp builders can use p2p nodes as a CDN, dApp users automagically become seeders, and both earn BITX token rewards from the TRON blockchain for contributing to the network.

Media Contacts

David D'Aprile, Vice President of Communications - llc

Taylor Wilson, Operations - bittorrentX

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