Trade Anytime, Anywhere with The New Bittrex Mobile App

Bittrex Team
Dec 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Bittrex is known for being one of the most accessible exchanges in the crypto market, with a wide selection of tokens and beginner-friendly features like fiat to crypto trading. Now, Bittrex will be even easier to use and accessible to a wider range of customers with the release of the Bittrex mobile app.

The Bittrex mobile app, launched on iOS and Android, takes the features and capabilities of the premiere crypto trading platform and converts them into a lightweight, yet powerful mobile experience.

The App

The team behind the Bittrex mobile app designed it to be a seamless transition from its desktop counterpart, with the added inclusion of features intentionally designed for mobile. By connecting your Bittrex account, you will be able to access your wallet, monitor orders, search markets and, of course, trade crypto from anywhere.

All of your favorite cryptocurrencies are available through the app and still benefit from the same fast trade execution you have come to expect. The app has also carried over all of Bittrex’s tools for finding and monitoring markets, presented in a mobile friendly, easy-to-read format.

With the navigation and search capabilities of the Bittrex mobile app, you can easily filter trading pairs by cryptocurrency and organize markets according to criteria like Top Volume, Winners and Losers and more. Once you have located the markets that interest you, you can add those cryptocurrencies to a customizable favorites list for easy access and viewing.

Consistency Across Devices

Development for the Bittrex mobile app was not only an effort to deliver the trading capabilities our customers are familiar with, but also to maintain the security standards the platform is known for in the industry. The guiding principle behind the app was giving users a more practical means of trading on Bittrex, without making any concessions as to their safety. As such, those that download the Bittrex mobile app can expect the same industry-leading security they have experienced using Bittrex on their browser.

Continued Improvements

Like the Bittrex platform itself, the Bittrex mobile app was built to be a continuously evolving product. There are many improvements in the works, including push notifications for price alerts, credit card integration for fiat trading and more. The Bittrex team prides itself on the quality of the platform and aims to deliver the best experience possible on all devices. As part of this effort, we are asking our mobile users to leave their feedback and suggestions for future iterations on the mobile app telegram community:

Download the app today from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the app.

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Bittrex is a leader in the blockchain revolution.

Bittrex Team

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Bittrex is a leader in the blockchain revolution.

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