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Bittrex Global Trading 101: Trade with your local currency (Fiat)

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing digital assets with Euros, Pounds and the like, Bittrex Global has been phasing in fiat trading for our customers. This has allowed us to ramp up markets, processes, and systems through a measured approach to ensure the highest level of service possible before we open up the markets to all qualified customers.

Because our fiat program is still so new, many people may not realize that their account is already enabled for local currency trading. That’s why we recognize that you might need a little bit of help in figuring out how to take advantage of the fiat markets on Bittrex Global. So, below we’ve put together some step-by-step instructions on how to trade, deposit, and withdraw your money (fiat) on Bittrex Global.

Step 1: Have you verified your identity with us?

· To participate in your local markets your identity must be verified. You can do this by uploading your government-issued ID and selfie into your Bittrex Global account.

· Click here for customer ID verification instructions

Step 2: Are you in an eligible location?

· Bittrex Global accepts international customers located outside the United States.

· Check here for the list of countries that are eligible. If you’re not eligible now, check back because we expect to add more countries over time.

Step 3: Is your account already enabled for trading?

· Millions of Bittrex Global customers are already enabled for trading without realizing it.

· To check whether your account is enabled for trading:

· Log in to your Bittrex Global account

· Click on my “Wallets” from the upper right corner

· Search for your local currency ie “Euro” to find your Euro wallet

· You are enabled for trading if your wallet deposit and withdraw buttons look like this:

· You are NOT enabled for trading if your wallet deposit or withdraw button is grey like this:

Step 4: Add your bank account to enable local deposits and withdrawals

· After you’ve completed steps 1–3 you are now enabled for trading. You can trade cryptocurrency for local currency, but you cannot withdraw or deposit until you add a bank account.

· To add a bank account, please click on the deposit icon next to the US Dollar or EUR wallet here:

· You will be presented with this screen:

· Click on “contact support” and follow the directions to fill out the Fiat (USD) Trading Request form:

Fiat Trading Request:

· Once you submit the form, approval turnaround time is usually within days.

· Your approval response from Bittrex Global will contain your money wire transfer instructions.

Now that you’ve been enabled for trading, deposits and withdrawals and set up your bank account information, you can transfer your local currency to Bittrex Global.

Currently we accept VISA debit and credit cards, SEPA and wire transfers. When it comes to SEPA, our customers have the ability to initiate a deposit via SEPA without filling out the application first.

If you lose the email with your wire transfer instructions, you can always access the wire instructions after approval by logging into: and clicking on “My Activities” to view your support ticket.

Step 5: Buy, Sell, Trade.

As we continue expanding fiat markets to the top tokens on Bittrex Global, we’re not only offering customers a streamlined experience to purchase digital coins on Bittrex Global directly with local currencies, but we’ll also be offering customers trading pairs that may only be found on our platform. We’re going to continue adding tokens to our markets, providing our customers even more convenient, fast and secure trading options as well as access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects.

Once you are all set with trading, deposit and withdrawals, you can follow these steps to place a limit buy order.

1. Scroll to find the market you are interested in

2. Scroll down to order book

3. Enter quantity you want to purchase

4. Click on ask side to place bid price

5. Select green buy button

6. Confirm order details

7. Pop up on right side will confirm order completion.

If you have any questions, our Customer Service team is here to help. Visit to find our FAQ section with useful information and tips.

If you don’t see a solution to your issue in the FAQs, please submit a support request on our support site. Our team will review your ticket and provide a timely response to help resolve the issue.

Don’t forget to follow our official Bittrex Global Twitter account (@BittrexGlobal2) or join our Telegram community ( for important news and announcements, such as what new fiat pairs we’ll be adding in the future.

Start trading today at:

We work hard to make sure Bittrex Global customers have the best possible user experience:



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