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New Listing: Arianee (ARIA20)

We’re excited to announce our latest listing Arianee for Bittrex Global customers! The ARIA20 wallets are open for deposits and withdrawals. The BTC-ARIA20 and USD-ARIA20 markets are now open for trading!

Disclaimer: The below information is provided directly from the token team. As per our terms of service, Bittrex Global does not control, endorse, or adopt any of the information below and shall have no responsibility for such Third-Party Content, including without limitation material that may be misleading, incomplete, erroneous, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.

By accessing or using any Bittrex Global Services, you voluntarily choose to engage in sophisticated and risky asset transactions.

ARIA20 is the native cryptocurrency of the Arianee Protocol. It is a core component of the Protocol’s architecture and is essential to its proper operation. ARIA20 enables the economic incentives which reinforce the decentralization of the Arianee Protocol. By aligning the economic interests of all stakeholders it ensures its independence and its existence in the long term.

The Arianee protocol is an NFT solution tailor-made for and by the fashion and luxury industry. It enables brands and creators to develop new digital experiences for their communities. From physical product passports to digital fashion and engagement tokens, the Arianee Protocol provides numerous solutions for brands and creators to build perpetual relationships with owners, made of trust, respect and transparency.

The Arianee Protocol is governed by the Arianee project consortium. The Arianee Project consortium is an independent, non-profit participative organization whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuable objects by promoting and supporting the adoption of the Arianee protocol. The consortium is in charge of the future evolution of the Arianee Protocol and promotes its use. The consortium is managed by its members which include top fashion and luxury good companies such as Richemont Group, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, as well as technological partners such as Dentsu Tracking, EVRYTHNG, and Lukso. The public list can be found here.

The Arianee protocol has been live since 2019 here are a few key implementations:

True ownership is Arianee. True ownership is powered by ARIA20

“We believe in pre-competitive collaboration, openness, decentralization, transparency, tokenization, and privacy.”

The Arianee Project Founders

Join us on Telegram:

ARIA20 Website:

Arianee Website:

Trade BTC-ARIA20 and USD-ARIA20 now at:

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