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New Listing: Chain (CHN)

Announcing our newest listing for Bittrex Global customers! The Chain (CHN) wallet is open for deposits and withdrawals, and the USDT-CHN market is now available for trading on Bittrex Global.

Disclaimer: The below information is provided directly from the token team. As per our terms of service, Bittrex Global does not control, endorse, or adopt any of the information below and shall have no responsibility for such Third-Party Content, including without limitation material that may be misleading, incomplete, erroneous, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.

By accessing or using any Bittrex Global Services, you voluntarily choose to engage in sophisticated and risky asset transactions.

Chain is a blockchain based technology company on a mission to enable a smarter and more connected economy. They build cryptographic ledgers that underpin breakthrough financial products and services. Powered by Sequence their ledger-as-a-service platform.

Using Chain Core, institutions can launch and operate a blockchain network, or connect to a growing list of other networks that are transforming how assets move around the world.

Native digital assets: A new medium for currencies, securities, and other issued financial instruments

Permissioned network access: Role-based permissions for operating, accessing, and participating in a network

An immutable ledger: A perfectly auditable record of transaction activity that cannot be forged or altered

Multi-signature accounts: Secure, multi-asset account management for individuals, businesses, and institutions

Full-stack security: HSM integration, stable cryptographic primitives, and an auditable, open source stack

Instant settlement: Federated consensus that allows for immediate transaction confirmation with absolute finality

Transaction privacy: Only the parties involved in a transaction (as well as those they authorize) can view transaction details

Reference data: Assets definitions, compliance data, and arbitrary annotations are included directly in the transaction structure

Trade USDT-CHN on Bittrex Global.

We work hard to make sure Bittrex Global customers have the best possible user experience.



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