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New Listing: Crypto Bank (CBANK)

We are very excited to announce our latest listing Crypto Bank (CBANK) for Bittrex Global customers! The Crypto Bank wallet is now open for deposits and withrdawals. The USDT-CBANK markets are now open for trading!

One service that enables everything
regarding cryptocurrency


Simple and safe cryptocurrency management and payment service
through double encryption security system and two-way QR technology


From cryptocurrency management to on-off-line payment with a new simple method

Asset managementManage your asset by simple touches
check your crypto asset, real time price and make cryptocurrency transfer.

Simple transferRather than a complicated wallet address,
send your crypto asset to different exchanges by friend adding function.

Two-way QR paymentFreely make payment in cryptocurrency
at various stores.

Untact paymentTwo-way QR method provides you a new digital experience
while you don’t need to contact someone else compared to credit card and CPM method.

Double encryption security system

The double encryption security system protects the asset and personal informationby dividing the encrypted user’s key into a locker and a key and storing them into different places.

We work hard to make sure Bittrex Global customers have the best possible user experience:



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