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New Listing: Public Mint (MINT)

Announcing our newest listing for Bittrex Global customers! The Public Mint (MINT) token wallet is open for deposits and withdrawals, and the USDT-MINT market is now available for trading on Bittrex Global.

Disclaimer: The below information is provided directly from the token team. As per our terms of service, Bittrex Global does not control, endorse, or adopt any of the information below and shall have no responsibility for such Third-Party Content, including without limitation material that may be misleading, incomplete, erroneous, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.

By accessing or using any Bittrex Global Services, you voluntarily choose to engage in sophisticated and risky asset transactions.

The MINT token (ticker: MINT) is the utility and governance token of the Public Mint EARN application, the first earnings application built on top of the Public Mint fiat-native blockchain.

In a nutshell, Public Mint EARN works like a user-friendly, community-managed investment fund that delivers the higher yield levels seen in the crypto space to fiat deposits, while retaining the ability to move funds instantly across the Public Mint chain. EARN maximizes yield by allocating funds to a network of CeFi partners and DeFi protocols, forming a diversified portfolio with a more decentralized and resilient nature.

The EARN functionality is built-into the Public Mint Mobile Wallet, and is already available for download on app stores.

The main function of the MINT token is to give users a voice in the decisions in the system. Once governance is implemented, MINT holders will be responsible for the governance decisions, including allocation sizes, destination of funds, and other parameters that affect how the fund works.

MINT token holders stake their tokens to vote on portfolio allocation and other governance matters. These are typically individuals familiar with crypto and a financial incentive to vote on what they consider the best possible options. Like fund managers, they get a portion of the earnings for the decisions they make via voting.

While not required to participate in EARN, actively staking MINT offers extra rewards to investors. Passive investors who have no interest in actively participating in governance are free to just deposit their USD and will still earn their share of USD profits from the platform.

Trade USDT-MINT on Bittrex Global.

We work hard to make sure Bittrex Global customers have the best possible user experience.

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