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New Listing: TXA (TXA)

We are very happy to announce our latest listing TXA for Bittrex Global clients! The TXA wallet is open for deposits and withdrawals. The USDT-TXA markets are now open for trading!

Disclaimer: The below information is provided directly from the token team. As per our terms of service, Bittrex Global does not control, endorse, or adopt any of the information below and shall have no responsibility for such Third-Party Content, including without limitation material that may be misleading, incomplete, erroneous, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.

By accessing or using any Bittrex Global Services, you voluntarily choose to engage in sophisticated and risky asset transactions.

From the TXA website:

The TXA Ecosystem Project

TXA is building a new revolutionary hybrid decentralized exchange (hDEX) architecture. The TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer is a community-operated, open-source technology that provides settlement for multiple Exchange Platforms.

The hDEX architecture combines centralized exchange type orderbook features and speeds with the security of non-custodial smart contracts and cross-chain settlement services across a vast array of blockchains.

Decentralized Cross-Chain Settlement

The hDEX is blockchain agnostic and the TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer is fully cross-chain supporting various types of digital assets including NFTs.

Leveraging the Power of the Internet Computer

The hDEX architecture is blockchain agnostic, instead relying on a decentralized network of oracles running on DFINITY’s Internet Computer in order to track and provide trade data for our unique coordinated settlement process

The TXA Token

This crucial utility token is one of the requirements to participate in the TXA Ecosystem and oraclized hDEX infrastructure.

Trade USDT-TXA now at:

We work hard to make sure Bittrex Global customers have the best possible user experience:

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