New Listing: Vesper Finance (VSP)

Announcing our newest listing for Bittrex Global customers! The Vesper (VSP) wallet is open for deposits and withdrawals, and the USDT-VSP and ETH-VSP markets are now available for trading on Bittrex Global.

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Vesper Finance is a DeFi ‘super app’ that offers a suite of professionalized, yield-generating products dedicated to making DeFi easier to use for institutions and individuals alike.

VSP is the governance token that serves as the basis for the Vesper Finance ecosystem. The VSP token incentivizes participation, facilitates governance, and catalyzes user contribution.

Vesper’s strategies undergo a rigorous testing cycle and at least two external audits before graduating to the main Vesper app. Users can feel confident knowing that every product released by Vesper has been thoughtfully built, carefully designed and thoroughly tested.

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