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Q&A with the CEO of POPKON, Annon Ha

Get a deeper look at the $POPK token, the team behind it and the future of POPKON

POPKON aims to pioneer a new platform in the era of WEB 3.0 through L2E (Livestreaming to Earn) technology and to become a blockchain-based ‘two-way live streaming platform’ that connects creators and viewers. We asked Annon Ha, CEO at POPKON to tell us a little more about the project.

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What gave you the initial idea to create this unique project?

The live-streaming industry has shown a high growth rate since its appearance and secured plenty of users and content creators across the world. However, as the number of users has explosively increased, a range of problems in the live-streaming industry have accompanied: a lack of infrastructure for platforms, the closed platform economic mechanism, monopoly of big platform production, and the amount limitation of purchasing in the centralized platform by the government. The POPK project was designed to overcome those problems and limitations of the live-streaming industry.

What is the background of the POPKON team and how did the team come together?

I have 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency assets industry. I designed and operated the structure of Flybit, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea. With the experiences of the management of the SBT project, the listed cryptocurrency, and virtual assets in the exchanges, I have seen the positive possibilities of the existing live streaming platform industry and decided to create the POPKON project to be applied to the platform.

The CTO, Silas Huh is the main developer of POPCASTOR, the core broadcasting platform for live streaming and the thousands of streamers are proving its quality by using POPCASTOR for their streaming. He developed a personal wallet system with blockchain technology for users. The wallets interfaced with the platform are fully functional right now. We also have a CMO and COO, and a tech team who have a deep experience in the field.

What is the story behind the name POPKON?

I think POPKON reminds many of you of the snack, popcorn, but it actually stands for ‘POPular Korea ON TV’. POPKON TV is the second-largest interactive live-streaming platform in Korea, which provides creators’ personal live-streaming content to viewers. The main functions and its looks are very similar to Twitch or YouTube live. We named it because we wanted to let everybody know that everyone can live-stream.

Can you give more detail around the POPKON team’s roadmap for the future? What do some of the upcoming milestones look like for the next year, as well as long-term goals in the next 5–10 years?

In the short term, we plan to open the global version of the platform. KYC verification and language setting are not set up yet, but the global version will provide a lot of functions and systems to the potential global streamers and viewers. We are planning to mint the NFTs and open the Metaverse platform, and it will provide a more joyful world using streamers’ content.

Can you walk through your team’s tokenomics?

With POPK Tokens, anyone can be either creator, viewer, promoter, or sponsor in the POPKON ecosystem, and all participants can earn fair and square depending on the contributions, and everyone can easily access it.

Content creators and producers can earn ‘COLA’ by exchanging POPKs donated from viewers on the POPKON TV platform, and viewers earn POPK by performing activities such as logins, content recommendations, gift-giving of items on the platform. The donated POPK will be used as a means of the donation again for creating better content, some of the commission revenue generated through broadcasting has a structure in which additional payments or burning are made to buyers through the DAO to be formed later.

At Bittrex Global we really pride ourselves on the safety and security of our users. What are some of the measures that the POPKON team has taken to ensure that all of your users and their assets are protected?

POPK received the Smart Contract Security Audit from HAECHI LABS, one of the largest security audit companies in Korea, and uses HAECHI LABS’s wallet management service to keep customers’ assets safe. We also monitor all transactions for 24 hours to prevent accidents and respond immediately in case of accidents with our emergency contact networks.

Looking outside of your project, what are your thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency sector, and what do you think the future of crypto looks like?

I assume nobody can predict the up and down of crypto prices. However, there will be many cases in which blockchain is applied to the existing infrastructure and used in real life, such as POPK, a blockchain-applied platform for making the users better and more convenient in their daily life.

By 2022, we expect to see new platforms such as Metaverse platforms, Play-to-Earn (P2E), Play-to-Learn (P2L) games, Practical applications for use in a variety of industries, and their use cases will begin to emerge. The NFT market will continue to develop, and we expect that Defi will also have many users with Defi 2.0.

What is the best way that our community members can get involved with the POPKON project?

Let’s trust the expression, “Seeing Is Believing”. Come and check the number of donation items donated while live-streaming at our platform at I am sure that you can guess the bright future of the live-streaming platform industry when blockchain technology is applied in the future.

We are still developing the membership system for potential global users so you can not get into the platform right now, but POPK is ready for you at Bittrex Global to show what we are doing following the roadmap.

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