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We’d like to thank the SocialGood team for a great Telegram Ask Me Anything event.

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Q1: Can you tell us about yourself?

A1: “Hello, everyone! I’m Soichiro Takaoka, and I’m the founder and CEO of SocialGood. I’ve founded and currently run a group fintech company in Japan with an operating income of 180 million USD since 2005. That group company is called the Social Good Foundation Inc.”

Q2: Can you give us a brief introduction of SocialGood?

A2: “To put it simply, this is a project designed to distribute the crypto asset SocialGood (SG), which has increased by +7,607% since its listing, to everyone for free and make people all over the world wealthy.”

Q3: What was your motivation for starting this project?

A3: “I decided to start the project because I had the opportunity to get a blockchain-related patent for the concept where “every time you shop with fiat currency, you can get crypto for free.”

General Q&A

Q4: What benefits does the SocialGood Project bring to Bittrex Global users?

A4:”Please use the SocialGood App (iOS, Android). You can get SocialGood (SG) listed on Bittrex Global for free just by shopping with the app in your country’s fiat currency at major online stores such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada, and more! Everyone can make a profit because they can get zero-cost investment assets.”

Q5: SG has risen to +7,607% since its listing at the end of July 2020. Why is it so popular?

A5: “Did you know that the price of Bitcoin is proportional to the number of Bitcoin holders? As the number of SG holders increases, the price of SG rises as well.”

Q6: How can I get a lot of SG for free?

A6: “Everyone buys daily necessities, such as water and masks every day. And many people shop online at sites like eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, and Shopee. We recommend using the SocialGood App for these daily purchases. Using the app like this, you can get up to 150% back of your total purchase amount in SG.”

Q7: How likely is the number of SG holders to increase in the future?

A7: “If you were told you can get crypto for free, are there many people who would refuse it? Currently, there are about 140,000 SG holders, but I think that up to 100 million to 1 billion will own SG in the near future.”

Q8: What happens to the SG price when the number of SG holders increases ten times, 100 times, and 1000 times?

A8: “If the market principle functions similar to Bitcoin and other altcoins, SGs price can be expected to be 10, 100, and 1000 times higher than they are now.”

Q9: Is it possible for SG I get from shopping on the SocialGood App to drop in price?

A9: “Surprisingly, the price will not drop for the user. If SG’s price drops after receiving it, we, the issuing company, will exchange it for USDT at the same rate as when you received it. In other words, you will receive “SG that never drops in price.” This mechanism is patented and is an original feature of SocialGood.

There are other crypto back services and apps that allow you to get Bitcoin through shopping, but in that case, the BTC you receive may drop in price over time. For the SocialGood App, the SG you receive will never drop in price, so it’s better to do your shopping with the SocialGood App.”

Q10: What is the goal of the SocialGood Project?

A10: “We want to create a world where assets can be accumulated just by shopping. Shopping is a consumption-heavy activity. As a result, the gap between those who initially have assets and those who do not, has widened. To solve that problem, we want to create an ecosystem where the more you shop, the more assets you can receive, and the richer you can become. By simply shopping for everyday items with the SocialGood App, anyone can gain assets without any money.”

Q11: What are the strengths of Social Good?

A11: “We have obtained patents for our business model that offers crypto back point redemptions. Our app also has partnerships with over 1,800 large online stores such as eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, and Nike, and more. Our business model includes earning advertising revenue from these stores as well. We also have a vision to improve society.”

Closing: A word for Bittrex Global Users from the Social Good Team

“Dowload the SocialGood App (iOS, Android) today and you can get SG for free just by shopping with the app in your country’s fiat [local] currency at major online stores such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada, and more! Everyone can profit with zero-cost investment assets. Furthermore, if the price drops, SocialGood will replace it with USDT. Check out our guarantee here. With this unique offering, how could it not be possible to increase SG holders in the future?

If you agree, get your SG listed on Bittrex Global today. It will surely be a good investment!”

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