Jan 29, 2017 · 2 min read

Our mission at BitTrust is to help people find the best altcoin service. We do this by providing more user reviews than any other site. The spirit of bitcoin imbues the vision at BitTrust, we see the value of a transparent and decentralized ratings system driven by our users.

This is our story.

BitTrust began in 2013 as a tool to fix a trust problem in the bitcoin marketplace. We were excited by the prospect of a “frictionless” digital currency, even more so about distributed ledger technology, bitcoin’s underlying architecture.

We never anticipated the developments since then.

Not only has the number of bitcoin transactions doubled each year, innovations in digital-wallets have made using bitcoins easier, speedier, and more secure. New ‘altcoins’, notably Ethereum, pioneer a trustless protocol (thanks turing-complete!) to provide new uses cases–from smart contracts, ICOs, and a more scalable payment network. This evolution is exciting. With the dedication of engineers worldwide, the potential of blockchain technology grows.

But for many, digital currencies remain enigmatic. The inherent virtues many of us see in a decentralized currency, founded on open-source code is palpable. But the community has failed to make this a convincing case to the general public.

This is where BitTrust plays a crucial role. Since our beginning, the mission is to drive bitcoin’s usability through an informed marketplace. Not only do our user reviews provide necessary information for buyers, but doing so communicates to merchants best practices. We rely on users to build a thriving repository to foster a more honest digital currency system. Since our founding, BitTrust has grown into an integral part of mainstreaming digital currencies. At the same time, the reputation of digital currencies have matured.

Moving forward, BitTrust plans to partner with popular exchanges to connect the public to the merchants themselves. We want the merits of bitcoin’s common ownership to apply to BitTrust.

The purpose of the BitTrust Blog is to offer our take on developments within the blockchain community and to connect great companies with our users. We will provide quality consumer reports on popular BTC/ETH exchanges and merchants, plus insider-interviews with folks in the industry.

Our voice is unique, stemming from the the fact that our company came to age in tandem with the currency. We understand that the viability, and potential, of digital currencies depend as much on engineering as on macroeconomics and politics. We’ll closely cover the Sturm and Drang of each.

Our vision is simple: We see digital currencies as a natural product of commerce in the Internet age. Both digital currencies and the Internet facilitate the dissemination of information sublimating barriers.

BitTrust helps users by facilitating the exchange of value.

From the BitTrust Team


BitTrust’s Blog

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