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As seen in our channels from September 2019

In this series, we take quotes from our communication channels in Telegram and Discord. It is inspiring for the whole team and a great way to understand how well we keep things transparent.

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We are grateful for each feedback from the community. However, there are some supporters that stand out with constructive criticism and elaborated points of view we haven’t thought about. Those are the ones we love.

Feel free to join the conversation and talk with the team and the CEO in Discord and Telegram.

From Deadly Buda

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Ok, I just woke up and amazingly enough what I was thinking about was being discussed here today. i.e. “Content”. A consistent problem I see with the crypto-media world is the idea that a platform needs mainstream or “already accepted” content in order to gain traction. I personally disagree with this very much. It is like inviting disease to your body.

I understand that the technical side is made by engineers and their mentality. So, many of them do not get familiar with how creative content is made, fostered, and distributed. They believe that “the best stuff the public wants” naturally gains the most exposure and energy. This is not true.

YouTube for example has never made money. Furthermore, they spend, I’m assuming, millions to billions on content that is underwritten by them either directly or indirectly.

Good content mostly takes time and effort. You can make something good with little money, but you can speed up the process by throwing money at it, usually.

Next comes promotion. This is an art in and of itself. It is also labour and resource-intensive.

Even after all that, many projects will not see a profit.

Some will.

The reason I say this…

Is I want to alert everyone that BitTubers ALREADY has great content.

To succeed, WE must recognize this and act accordingly.

Stuff that isn’t so great, even those creators need to be fostered and encouraged to create better. That is how the big guys do it.

Many projects are bad for years and years until enough effort is made to get them presentable. That is the reality of Entertainment.

Furthermore, the mainstream is mostly propped up financially from large corporate interests who have unlimited money. They can throw money at an intentionally bad idea despite the public’s acceptance, just because they want to ram their agenda.

Our content creators have time and heart. All people in this chat need to recognize that and support it. These are our bros and sisters. If you want your TUBE to pump, you have to start pumping what is here and encourage always better stuff.

I saw the discussion earlier about too much “conspiracy” content. Well, those people need BitTubers more than anyone. They have a perspective too. And frankly, it seems to be more popular than the mainstream media when it is given a fair playing field. So I am not deterred by conspiracy media, I actually find it interesting and thought-provoking. The truth is seen by many people, but none of them is in the same place. So they should all have a voice.

From Nachodon

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Blaming inflation for the tube price is sort of a red herring imo. It’s an argument that draws attention away from the real issue plaguing crypto: lack of USERS. Also more properly broken down: value created through use, velocity of money, scarcity, fungibility. Even a fully mined tube at 1 billion coins is very scarce. Will the price automatically soar if no more are being mined?? Not if it’s not being used!! (Or achieve some kind of stupid “Hodl” Jedi mind trick). With BitTubers we have a great usecase for the coin — a platform to introduce potentially millions of new people to a new cryptocurrency. What other currency is doing this? This is what I really like about tube — more than being mined and sold to the crypto community as the greatest new coin since sliced bread … its entire sales proposition rather lies in the fairness (and competitiveness) of its distribution to MANY — and the use cases being built around the coin: rewards, tubepay, exchange, donations, unique social platform.

The problem with this entire argument is that he keeps referring to tube as a utility coin. It’s not. It’s a POW currency. Maybe semantics at the end of the day, but the inflation is how a vast number of people “get paid” i.e: airtime. This is a FAIR way to distribute a NEW currency. Bitcoin was once worth 1 cent and lower. Then 10 cents. Same with other POW coins like Monero. No one is complaining today about the inflation on these coins. In fact, halving type events (reduction in inflation) are routinely considered value-adding events. And remember, on these POW coins early distribution went exclusively to miners — which created far more centralized ownership (whales) of the coin. Tube’s issue is not the “dumping” but the lack of interest from almost ANY buyers. The theory is that USE cases (like BitTubers) can (and will) change this. I can also show you a few true UTILITY tokens in my own portfolio that are down 90%+ and these coins have 0 inflation!! How would his inflation argument apply to these? It can’t!! So what is the explanation of the price? Like anything else sell pressure is greater than buying pressure. But in these cases again ZERO inflation — so what does this mean? It means we’re in a bear market and there is no interest in many altcoins atm and we are still largely in mile 1–3 of a marathon. It could also strongly imply that these tokens were extremely overpriced and are now finding their true value.

Instead of so many people bitching about inflation what we need are people committed to making tube great in this niche market and use cases. Once it becomes widely appreciated in our own little BitTube world (which is growing each day btw even in this dark bear market as other altcoin markets shrink) then it also has a chance of spilling into use cases for the larger economy outside of tube. Is this all a longshot: yes It’s rank is 731 on coinmarketcap. We are barely in the top 1000. But is it possible based on what is being developed? Yes. I think it is.

I’d also argue that people who are constantly bitching about inflationary effects on the coin are the ones who are dragging the price of the coin down even more than the actual inflation is!! They are doing this by scaring away buyers of the coin. In a coin with this little liquidity the influence of every negative post and illogical argument has more effect. I can have 500,000 crypto loving YouTube followers and shout out for 3 straight months that BITCOIN sucks! And I will have no measurable effect on price. But if I WE are constantly doing this to our own little project we claim to value and want to succeed — a project searching for its own footing in the marketplace and for support — we are only shooting the project (and possibly ourselves) in the foot. What we need are more vocal supporters for tube the coin — based on the use cases being built. We need to make tube great and build it up. Not tear it down every time we see a price dip.

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