Greeting Bitupper Community!

During the past two months our team has worked hard to achieve significant milestones with development of Bitupper including documentation, programming and business development.

  1. First and most important: further development plans have been structured and the Roadmap till 2021 was updated
  2. We decided to raise financing for the company through venture investments by selling shares of the company at the early stage.
  3. We chose not to do the ICO for the start, due to the fact that this may hamper development on a global scale, as plans also include opening offices in various regions of the world. We may plan to conduct a tokesale in 2019 to build more effective interaction within the community based on tokens.

Website development:

  1. Completely new look and feel of the website made into single page application. Enjoy lightning fast load and almost immediate response. This also allowed us to significantly decrease the load on our servers without sacrifice of the functionality.
  2. Bitupper Explorer got redesigned and is already operational for BTC, LTC, DOGE.
  3. Blockchain synchronization status:

Bitcoin Block Explorer — sync almost complete

Litecoin Block Explorer — fully synchronized and working

Dogecoin Block Explorer — sync in progress

Continued further development of services:

  1. Bitupper Passport — 90% complete
  2. Bitupper Fundraising — 60% complete


  1. White paper in Russian — 80% complete
  2. New presentation of Bitupper is out with more specifics about the project and its values
  3. Financial model for 3 years is prepared
  4. Market overview with competitor analysis and stats is done

Business development:

  1. 5 meetings with potential investors conducted
  2. 3 crypto conferences/meetups visited
  3. New staff hired — senior developer

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