Defending the Ethical Enterpriser in an Anti-Business Climate

In spite of the great advances in reducing poverty and increasing the freedom and dignity of hundreds of millions of people around the world, the political and cultural climate virtually everywhere around the world is one of anti-business and anti-capitalism. Yet, it is wherever the forces of free market capitalism have been set freest, along with a modicum of acceptance and even respect for business enterprise, that the most dramatic strides have been made in abolishing the worst and most squalid material conditions of mankind. Businessmen Deliver the Goods, But are Morally Condemned Profitable mass production has come from satisfying the needs, wants, and desires of the mass of humanity. If in past times the mass of people bond to the land were compelled to serve the wants of the few who through conquest and plunder lived as the lords of the manor, under free market capitalism those who take on the role of entrepreneur and enterpriser have no source of personal wealth other than their successful catering to the wants of the many — the large consuming general public.

Source: Defending the Ethical Enterpriser in an Anti-Business Climate | Somewhat Reasonable

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