Executive Summary: Insights Into “Super Star” Leadership

Identify key habits of the best and worst bosses. This 31-day book uses nine key performance drivers to evaluate and help leaders quickly increase results and sustain them. Each evaluation and activity hones your leadership skills, transforming you into a Superstar leader.

“Super Star Leadership — A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Communicate Positively, and Get Everyone On Your Side (A 54-page Excerpt)
Do you want to earn more money for your company? Electrify your department? Increase customer loyalty, sales, and productivity while simultaneously decreasing turnover, improving innovation, and having fun? Superstar Leadership will show you how.

You will learn:

  • Why 50 percent of managers fail, and how to avoid being one of them
  • Seven keys to employee motivation
  • The high-performance formula that will catapult your career success
  • The nine strategies of a Superstar leader
  • How to create a high-performing team and exceed your goals
  • And much more!

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