Leadership In Wonderland by Susan Goldberg & Rebecca Lacy

“I don’t have the experience or education — who am I to lead? What if I fail?”

Sometimes being a leader can feel like you are falling down the rabbit hole. Leadership in Wonderland introduces wonder into the process of becoming a better, more confident manager, team captain, or influencer. Leadership in Wonderland, a combination book with workbook, takes you on a journey of self-discovery, through reading, thinking, and doing as you follow Alice’s odyssey to reach her full potential. The book is written to give everyone an individual experience; there aren’t any ‘prescriptions’ — no set lessons of what you are ‘supposed to do.’ Therefore, what you learn, and how you choose to apply it will be unique to you. In reading the book you will learn how to: • make better decisions by understanding and including different opinions, • be a better communicator, • develop trust, • face your own fears, • overcome the imposter syndrome, • develop allies, • consider differing motivations and personalities, • build a team, • find your voice. Inside the story, you will encounter the colorful world of Alice’s company, Leaves-of-Wonderland, Purveyor of Fine Teas. Some of the characters you meet are from the classic tale including such favorites as Hatter, the President; Duchess, the Director of Quality Assurance; Caterpillar, a Management Consultant, and Cheshire Cat, the eyes and ears of the company. Other folk you’ll find inside are new to Wonderland. Leadership in Wonderland draws on the authors’ decades of hands-on experience cultivating and placing leaders.
Rebecca’s company, Pinnacle Management Group, coaches, trains, assesses and consults in the area of collaborative leadership and team engagement. Susan’s company, Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting, assists leaders to develop and implement senior level recruiting and hiring strategies, including corresponding marketing, integration, and transition. She also coaches younger leaders on their individual people management situations. Their clients have included such notables as the U.S. Army, Cablevision, and HSBC along with smaller organizations and non-profits.


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