Powerful Decision Making is Vital to Your Success as an Entrepreneur

by Debbie Ruston, Featured Contributor

HOW QUICKLY do you make decisions? Do you change your mind after a decision has been made? Do you find you are unsure of yourself?

Effective decision making is vital to creating success in business. Successful people make decisions quickly, stick to it, and rarely change their minds. This is a trait of successful entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the thought patterns that go through the minds of those that don’t seem to create the success they are looking for.
- I’ll give it a try — Trying is giving yourself an excuse to quit. Most of us have grown up with the belief that “at least we tried” is good enough. Those that are starting a business cannot “give it a try”. That is giving yourself an out, it is setting yourself up for failure. Successful entrepreneurs take action and DO….until they get the result. As Yoda said — “Do or do not — there is no try”.

-I’m not sure — If you are not sure about something you need to make a decision on or take action on, go back to your goals. Decisions should always be based on your goals. Will the decision you are about to make bring you closer or further away from your goal? If the decision brings you further away, you are making the wrong decision. Don’t let fear or limiting beliefs stop you from making the decision you know you should make. When you make decisions based on your goals, it makes decision making easy.

-I have to think about it — Thought is instantaneous. You don’t need to think, you need to decide. There may be questions that need answering, but once all your questions are answered make the decision and stick to it.

-What if I fail — This is one of the biggest fears people have when they are making decisions. This is something that holds so many back from their full potential. Rephrase it…ask yourself instead “What if I succeed”, and start listing all the possibilities that brings….it changes your mindset.

Once a decision is made, STICK to it. Stick to it UNTIL you reach the goal. So many give up when challenges arise. Successful entrepreneurs do not say “at least I tried”. Successful entrepreneurs make bold decisions that support their goals and take actions that support those goals. They are in it for the long term and do not give in to challenges….they find a solution where there doesn’t appear to be through creative thinking.

Remember that pushing through challenges is where learning, breakthroughs, new ideas etc are formed. When you are willing to push through any challenge that arises, you will prove to yourself how capable you really are.