Sit Like a Buddha: A Guide to Meditation

If I could encourage you to look into one thing to think and focus better, Lodro Rinzler’s Sit Like a Buddha: A Pocket Guide to Meditation would be it.

Rinzler walks us through 10 steps. Step 1 is about knowing your why, your intention. Step 2 is learning a meditation technique. Step 3 is cultivating mindfulness and awareness. Step 4 is about consistency. Step 5 is developing a deep understanding of gentleness. Step 6 is discovering how to work with obstacles. Step 7 is learning how to move away from getting caught up in your emotions. Step 8 is about connecting with your “inherent peaceful state.” Step 9 is becoming a practitioner. Step 10, the final step, is “learning to rest in the present moment even when you’re not on the meditation seat.

”I’m not going to cover all ten in this article, but I’m going to give you enough to get started today.

***What is my motivation for wanting to meditate?Don’t skip this part. This is the foundational aspect for everything that follows.The most common reasons for exploring meditation are to be less stressed, live more in the present moment, or better deal with emotions. But before you get started it’s important that you ask why.

Source: Sit Like a Buddha: A Guide to Meditation

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