The Divided Will Always Be Separated

He called because everyone on his leadership team said he needed a great coach.He was head of a large global organization, and the feedback he kept getting is that he was a lousy leader.I thought to myself, This must be either a brave organization or a desperate one to ask their CEO to seek help. I wouldn’t know which until I spoke to him.The call was going fine until he said, “Stop asking me questions about myself — let’s do a 360 and figure out what’s wrong, and then you can give me some processes and I will make things right.”Surprised, I asked him, “What do you mean?”He said, “Let’s not dive too deeply into who I am as a person. That’s not relevant. What matters here is who I am when I show up at work. And that is all.”Any leader who thinks that they can divide their personal and professional life is setting themselves up for disillusionment.Because the honest truth is this: What gets divided gets separated. And the price is high.

Source: The Divided Will Always Be Separated — Lolly Daskal | Leadership Development | Lolly Daskal