What If …. ?

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It is clear that the latest probe relating to Hillary Clinton’s emails will not be completed before the election. So, what does that mean, other than a lot of opinions as to what the FBI action will do to the election?

Well, what if Clinton wins? Now we would have a President-elect under investigation by the FBI. Unprecedented in our history.

It is likely that a republican controlled house will call her to new hearings. A President-elect facing possible impeachment by the congress?

A Constitutional Crisis?

If she is indited before being inaugurated will Obama absolve her of any wrong doing? If he should do so will the American people stand for that or will we see a violent response on a large-scale?

If she is indited after inauguration will the congress be forced to impeach her?

What will the Congress do if one or both houses swing to control by the Democrats?

What about those votes already cast (several million)? Six norther states allow votes to be withdrawn and re-voted under certain conditions and if done by tomorrow. What about the other early voters that may feel they have been blind sided?

What if California’s votes and electorates are thrown out due to the voting machine issue? (You haven’t heard about that? It seems that many of the California voting machines default to voting for Clinton when the vote is cast for any other candidate. I understand those machines were made in China by a company owned by George Soros. The machines have also now turned up in Georgia.)

It isn’t just a question of should the FBI have reopened the investigation at this time. They did so and now it is a question (s) of now what?

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