Why I Like Trump

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Well, truth be told I don’t really like Trump. I, like many others, just dislike and distrust him less than Clinton.

Yes, Trump can be crude and he insults people and he isn’t politically correct. He fights with Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell and now some Muslim father that the Democrats have recruited. Frankly I don’t care.

True, Trump is not a seasoned and experienced politician or diplomat. Good. Look where those people have gotten us. Our country has fallen from the most respected and admired country in the world to a laughing-stock, wishy-washy, impotent, and insolvent ghost of what it was. Is that the fault of the Democrats? Of course, but it is also the fault of the Republicans. Just a few years ago we, the voters, gave control of both houses of congress to the Republicans. What have they done to make it all better? Nothing. They haven’t made strides to balance a budget, reduce our 20 billion dollar debt, impeach Obama (with a dozen reasons to do so), or push to have Hillary tossed in the gutter, or better yet the jail for several punishable offenses.

So no, I’m not an enthusiastic Republican supporter at the moment.

I’m sick of all professional politicians; open boarders; millions of illegals sucking on our welfare system; lack of support for the military and police; bought and paid for media; health care mandates; and a president that takes multi-million dollar vacations on our dime while telling us all that we need to sacrifice. It is all a crock, and yes I want someone that will fix it.

Okay, so Trump has a big ego. He picks fights unnecessarily, he offends people that think their minority status should give them special rights. I don’t really care. I want someone that will fix the mess and there is absolutely no reason on God’s earth to think that Clinton will fix it or any part of it. She has proven repeatedly that she will do what is right and best for her and those of us below her god like status can go suck eggs.

So there you have it. That is why I’ll vote for Trump. No one ever said I have to like him or his hair. Perhaps it is time that we had leadership that isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers in either party, or the media, or even minorities.

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