Brand is the key for a successful business. It is the face of your company that rest of the world looks at and the entity establishing your identity in the market.

Once you build your own brand, people will start recognizing you. So, building a brand that not only sets benchmark, but also showcases your expertise, creativity, product aesthetics, etc in that particular industry is very important.

Listed are a few reasons why branding is very important:

  1. Improves recognition
  2. Creates trust
  3. Supports your collaterals and advertising
  4. Increases your financial value
  5. Opens door for easy-to-tap marketing channels
  6. Makes your selling easy
  7. Builds reputation
  8. Differentiates you from others

Branding is much more than a logo and good-looking photos. It is creating more of an image/thought/perception in your customer’s mind about your business by having consistency in everything you do.

Steps to build a successful brand:

  1. Understanding your target audience

Understand your target audience, have knowledge about their behaviour and lifestyle. This helps you in determining what they like, what they understand and how you can get their attention.

2. Set a mission for your branding

Before building a brand your target audience will love, you should know why you are building it. Mission basically helps you understand the value of your business in terms of brand building.

3. Know your competitors

If you know your competitors, you are one step ahead in the race. Know how your competitors are branding, where they are branding and what is working for them. This helps you in building something unique that people like, which nobody else is doing it in your industry.

4. Create a cool logo and tagline

A logo is how people will recognize you. So, come up with a unique logo that not only helps you support your business proposition, but also appeals aesthetically. Also, write a catchy tagline that conveys your brand value and builds a trust for your business.

5. Set a tone for your business

Set a tone that helps you grab attention of your customers. It is dependent on your audience, mission and industry. It sets a standard for all your communications. For example, your business tone may be professional, friendly, service-oriented, quirky or even funny.

6. Build your elevator pitch

Set a message that conveys your customers who you are. A two liner that describes directly about you or your services would be the elevator pitch. This helps you in communicating your value and deliverables in a right way to your target audience.

7. Standardize

Use your brand as a power tool everywhere. May it be social media, collaterals, advertisements or website — put up your branding to be used everywhere. This helps your customers recognize you as an entity no matter where they find you.

8. Believe and stay loyal towards it!

Unless you think of completely revamping, you stay put with your guidelines. Consistency is the key and loyalty is the way of respecting your brand identity. Stick with it!

A solid brand building process can transform you from a small company to a successful player in the industry. Customers will develop a deeper trust in your products, services and your company as a whole once you establish a brand in their mind.

Let’s do a small exercise. Google any big brand like Apple, Nike, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and keenly observe how they brand themselves. Rest will be self-explanatory.