Bizkey incorporates the first gold-based stablecoin to its payment services for retail merchants

Dear Community, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Goldlinks, a global gold industry blockchain alliance.

With the partnership, Bizkey will support gold-backed digital currency GGC (Global Gold Cash) issued by Goldlinks as a terminal payment tool in daily consumption scenarios.

GGC, issued by Goldlinks, is a gold-pegged digital currency based on Ethereum ERC20 blockchain. 100 GGC represents 1gram of 99.99% physical gold. Positioned as a stablecoin, GGC will serve as a better settlement tool in international trade and barter trade. Security of funds is ensured and risk of international trade fraud is mitigated to a great degree. The trading period would be greatly shortened and the transaction fee would definitely be much lower.

Bizkey aims to establish a seamless offline payment ecosystem using digital currencies. In the future, Bizkey plans to collaborate with stablecoin GGC to minimize the effects of price volatility in the digital currency payment, offering a more friendly and acceptable tool for worldwide merchants and consumers. The cooperation can be seen as a milestone to accelerate the pace of digital currency payment ecosystem.

About Bizkey

Bizkey aims to use blockchain technology to break the monopoly of payment solutions and level the playing field in data industry, to build a new ecosystem to return the benefits of transaction data back to the users and elevate the awareness of the value of data.

Bizkey’s Blockchain-based Intelligent POS system will enable the value transaction data would be distributed fairly to merchants and customers through BZKY tokens in return for their contribution to the ecosystem.

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