Token Day: Bringing about mass adoption of cryptocurrency

Over the last few years, the term blockchain has become a buzzword that swept the world by storm. However, contrary to the excitement and hefty investments, there seems to be little public awareness of what blockchain technology is and how it can be incorporated (and is currently being deployed) in our daily lives.

Cross-border, zero commission, transparency and security. There is no doubt that the application of blockchain technology is endless and yet mass adoption of cryptocurrency still seems distant.

What is slowing down mass adoption of cryptocurrency?

One of the key barriers to mass adoption of cryptocurrency is the lack of education and awareness of blockchain technology by the public, which is affecting its usability. Many have heard about blockchain, and yet few are clear on what the technology really is. Furthermore, negative perception of blockchain has accumulated due to news of fraud, hacking and severe losses of funds stemming from the volatile market.

The technological barriers such as speed and scalability are not the only reason why blockchain adoption is slow. There are social barriers holding back widespread usage of blockchain. Educating the public and reshaping the perception will accelerate adoption of blockchain technology at a consumer level.

To realize this idea, Bizkey will leverage on its extensive network of retail partners to hold a 2–3 weeks event in Singapore where the public can purchase products and services with cryptocurrency.

Solution: Experience to learn

The objective of Token Day is to bring together our partners — retailers, block chain projects, community, and media, to bridge the gap between the public and block chain projects through real life applications. It is not a simple marketing gimmick but an initiative to educate the public on how blockchain technology can be utilized by allowing them to experience using cryptocurrency firsthand.

So what will happen on Token Day?

Retailers in the iconic shopping district of Chinatown will be accepting cryptocurrency from leading blockchain projects for 2–3 weeks starting from 31st October.

Imagine for a moment that you are in Singapore for Token Day. Start your journey at our Info kiosks stationed along Chinatown. Check out the map to see which retail shops offer discount for your cryptocurrencies. If you do not hold any, get guidance from our staff at the Info kiosks to learn how you can download and pay using crypto wallets.

It’s time for lunch. You have a sudden craving for chinese steamboat and remember that your favorite steamboat restaurant is participating in Token Day.

After the meal, you return home and turn on the laptop after taking a shower. You remember there is a popular tourist hotel participating in Token Day and decide to take this chance to stay there over the weekend.

You realize that cryptocurrency can be used to transfer digital assets in a decentralized and transparent manner. You enjoyed the trip today and would like to see more adoption of cryptocurrency in daily life.

Are there other blockchain projects or retail partnership that you would like to see during Token Day? Vote for your project here(, or if you would like to suggest other projects/retail partnerships that are not in the list, simply comment in our Facebook and Twitter link below to let us know!

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