The 10 Keys for Successful Strategy Development

Is your organization stuck? Are you and your most senior leaders having trouble getting the organization out of a rut? Worry no more, these 10 tips to developing successful strategies will see you through it. Follow each rule precisely and reap the benefits in the form of organizational success.

  1. Senior management must lead the path to developing strategy, but they cannot and should not do it by themselves. The members of the organization must be involved.
  2. Strategies must fit the unique situation of the organization; they cannot be copied or borrowed from other organizations.
  3. Strategies must set high aspirations for the organization so that members, individually and collectively, will feel that they have challenging but reachable goals.
  4. Strategies must focus on how an organization will win in the future, what its outstanding products and services will be, and how those products and services will satisfy the customer.
  5. Strategies must reflect the values that will guide how the organization accomplishes its goals and mission.
  6. Strategies must appeal to values that will allow employees to identify with the way the organization operates.
  7. Strategies must communicate a sense of direction and stimulate discovery of what the organization can do and what works in particular business environments.
  8. Strategies must provide employees at all levels of the organization with a sense of what the company is trying to do and where it is trying to go.
  9. Strategies must present a way to the future and provide emotional and intellectual energy for the journey.
  10. It is up to the leaders in the organization to identify the kinds of capabilities that are needed, communicate them through mission and values statements, and develop commitment to them throughout the organization.

These 10 rules for strategy development come from Edward E. Lawler and his book, “From the Ground Up: Six Principles for Building the New Logic Corporation.” Here, I simply share them with you. If you found this helpful, insightful, or simply informative, please ❤ so other’s can enjoy it, too!

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