BizShake announced that Ontology Identification (ONT ID) is to be integrated into BizShake dApps

BizShake, the P2P Sharing Ecosystem through Tokenization of Real-World Assets, has announced the implementation of ONT ID as its preferred method for users and assets identification.

The reasons for BizShake to build its identification system on Ontology technology are:

1. ONT ID is going to provide the Identification standards for all the BizShake dApps. It will allow a standard implementation of Digital Identity following W3C specifications and will allow BizShake dApps to be completely reliable by end customers;

2. A single ONT ID is going to be the unique identifier of a person allowing the user to link all his/her wallets to the same ONT ID. This will help BizShake dApps to provide a more transparent and seamless payment system that will let end users pay for the chose services with any of the wallets linked to the ONT ID;

3. ONT ID is also going to be linked to all the physical assets (objects) that the users will record on the Blockchain through the BizShake dApps so that the ownership of the assets will be directly linked to the user’s ONT ID, clarifying and demonstrating the ownership of that asset;

4. ONT ID will also be used by the users to centralizing all the personal information from the various applications that the user is actually using; all this information will be used by BizShake to implement a better user experience managing the credibility level of each user not only derived by his/her usage of BizShake dApps but using all the different sources that the users will link to their ONT ID.

Giuseppe Lo Presti, CEO and Founder of BizShake Inc., has expressed a strong belief in this strategic decision: “Recently Ontology and NEO signed an MOU in which they agreed to work together on different aspects of the BlockChain technology and created a joint task force for this purpose. I believe that mixing the features of Ontology with the well-known NEO Virtual Machine functionalities could provide BizShake with all the necessary tools and technologies to entirely fulfill our business goals in the best possible way”

About BizShake:

Founded in 2018 in the U.S., BizShake Inc. was established by an outstanding team from retail, e-commerce, technology and research companies, who are committed to improving the community life by creating the first decentralized P2P renting and pawning ecosystem based on NEO Blockchain, aiming to benefit users from the peer-to-peer transactions by sharing their own properties. BizShake will release the NEP-5 BZS token for crowdfunding during an STO (security token offering) to be held in October 2018 in order to raise the necessary capital to execute the company mission to reach its full potential. For more information, visit BizShake on Web, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Telegram.