BizShake Intended Security Token Offering Announcement

About BizShake

BizShake is a startup in US that is established by a team from retail, e-commerce, technology and research companies. We teamed up with the belief that P2P sharing economy will benefit our society as a whole.

BizShake is creating a P2P sharing ecosystem on Neo blockchain, aiming to let users monetize their assets in forms of renting and pawning. The assets can be everything they would like to share: electronic appliances, accessories, luxury goods, apartment, vehicles and etc.

The adoption of blockchain technology is to regulate the P2P transactions in a decentralized way so as to greatly reduce intermediary costs for our users. The essence of a decentralized, innovative business model is realized by the ability to tokenize high-value assets on the Blockchain, the transparency of user profiling through digital identity, as well as security provided by an automated dispute system which is regulated under peer control.

We are currently applying for US SEC Reg A+ in order to be compliant with ICO regulations to release our BZS security tokens for the intended token sale in October 2018. We will also launch the alpha version of our application functionalities before the intended token generating event.


Total tokens quantity: 200,000,000

Token Available at Sales: 100,000,000

Token ticker: BZS

Token type: NEP-5

STO event dates:

Private sale: Oct 1st, 2018 — Oct 14th, 2018

Crowd sale: Oct 15th, 2018 — Oct 31st, 2018

Accepted Cryptocurrency for the STO event: NEO, GAS, ONT

Early adoption bonuses:

  • Private Sale (Oct 1 — Oct 14): 40% (1 NEO = 260 BZS)

Minimum contribution for Private Sale: 1,500 NEO or equivalent

  • Crowd Sale Phase 1 (Oct 15 — Oct 18): 25% (1 NEO = 230 BZS)
  • Crowd Sale Phase 2 (Oct 19 — Oct 21): 15% (1 NEO = 215 BZS)
  • Crowd Sale Phase 2 (Oct 22 — Oct 25): 10% (1 NEO = 200 BZS)
  • Crowd Sale Phase 2 (Oct 26 — Oct 31): None (1 NEO = 185 BZS)

Minimum contribution for Crowd Sale: 1 NEO or equivalent

*The price is determined with current NEO/USD exchange rate (74$ per NEO); in case, at the time of sale start, this price should be different of more than 10% the exchange rate NEO/BZS will be re-determined

**The amount of BZS for each GAS and ONT will be determined real-time at the moment of contribution with the right NEO/GAS and NEO/ONT ratio.

BizShake Governance model for Token Holders

The property of the token will grant the possibility to vote in the Token Holders Steering Committee that will be voting for:

  • all the strategic business decisions as well as any other decision that will be escalated to it by the Board of Directors;
  • elect one member of the Board of Directors.

The token holders’ vote will be weighted proportionally to the amount of token they hold at the time of each vote.

The voting operations will be regulated by a Smart Contract in order to guarantee the transparency of the process.

Quorum and dates of each vote will be decided and communicated before each vote to take place to all the token holders.

Moreover, the token holders will be entitled to receive 30% of the dividends distributed by BizShake Inc.

Disclaimer: any term of this structure is only intended to share our perspectives and intentions and shall be subject to proposal to SEC and any proper authority before to be effective therefore is subject to review by our advisors and security attorney from time to time in order to fulfill any and all compliance that might be requested by any US relevant authority. Chinese citizens will not be allowed to participate in BizShake token sale due to specific regulation from Chinese authority.