5 Self-Improvement Goals for the Summer

From working out, developing a new school and refreshing an old one

Day 5 of 66 Days. Summer is generally the calm before the storm, longer days and less demanding timelines at work equals more time for me for myself to develop new habits and/or pick up a new school.

Make Time to Workout
Working-out is always on everyone’s new year resolution and it hardly is one that is kept throughout the year. I actually stopped committing to resolutions years ago for that reason. However, I do want to move working-out into one of my top priorities this summer. For the last six months it’s been something that I would squeeze in when my schedule permitted it. But now that we’ve moved to a place with milder climate I should be able to maintain my combination of running, weight lifting and dancing without a problem.

Study for a New Certification
Since Analytics plays such an important role in UX and content strategy I’m going to take the Google Analytics IQ test.

Books to Read
I’m going to re-read Robert Mckee’s Story and finish reading Hug Your Haters by Jay Bear. Who knows maybe it will inspire me to draft a new screenplay. Also Robert Mckee’s has a new book coming out this month, Dialogue: The Art of Verbal Action for Page, Stage, and Screen

Photography Fun
I can’t remember the last time I picked up my camera, so this summer I plan on getting reacquainted. I’ll even be checking out one of the Sony Mirrorless cameras during a brief vacation in September. Will it convince me to make the switch from Canon to Sony?

Getting Settled into Our New Home
I guess this isn’t really a self-improvement type of thing. But this summer I will be spending time getting acclimated to remote work and setting boundaries for work and life.

What are your plans for summer?

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