How I Started Blogging and Why I Want to Continue

The minute I installed my first version of WorPress I knew I was in love, not with just the platform as a content management system but the platform of a blog. It started with my online baby boutique, I had dreamed of starting my own online store and since I was a few months pregnant and obsessing all the trendy maternity clothes it seemed like the best fit. Yes it was “trendy” to be pregnant so designers all rushed to design trendy t-shirts and diaper bags. Who doesn’t love t-shirts and stylish bags?

So I decided to embark on my first online store and quickly realized that a good way to market said store when are low on cash was through a blog and social media. I loved writing, after all at the time I had just finished my third screenplay writing a blog would be just as much fun. So I tackled blog writing the same I tackled screenwriting and followed other people and read their blogs, found the best resources that talk about the subject and tested out their theories and my blog slowly grew. Ironically my online store slowly depleted. I mean I should have seen it coming because you quickly lose interested in maternity clothes when you are no longer pregnant!

My interest in writing expanded, I was no longer just talking about the latest maternity fashion and the daily life of being a working mom of two with two jobs, well three: mom, store owner and web manager. I was a very busy mom who had big dreams of owning her own business.

In case you didn’t see it coming this was the start of A blog that covered all the things I love; busy moms, entrepreneurs, tech gadgets and photography. I conducted online interviews of other business moms and reviewed some really interesting products (mostly created by moms). was a great adventure that led to some really amazing opportunities and I got to me some people I had been following for years like Karen from

As blogging became more serious to me and after an inspiring event at Intel I changed the blog name to — streamlining the daily routine, living for the moment. And the site morphed into different things for several years. I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted it to be. Is it a lifestyle blog, photography blog, business blog, or tech blog. I couldn’t quite figure it out. While I was experimenting I wrote for other blogs frustrated that I hadn’t really nailed down my thing. But I still loved writing so I just kept doing it. I was lucky enough to have a job that didn’t demand too much of my time so I would write on my “lunch break”.

But I still couldn’t figure out what I wanted to focus on, so I found myself dwelling on the Wordpress template I was using. I must have changed the design of the site at least 20 times since it’s launch. Instead of trying to establish goals for my site I just created more problems. The dissatisfaction of the design and the lack of direction just depleted my interest in blogging.

By the time we moved to DC, I was writing much less. I still received some great offers from Toyota, Tamron and some others but the blog wasn’t thriving. In fact I was just stringing it along for the ride. When I got bored or inspired I would write a post or two then not write another one for weeks. This went on for several, ALL of the years in DC.

Now the site is currently “Under Construction” why I debate the pros and cons of starting it back. Should I just start a new blog with a different title or try and salvage the one I have. And this is where I’ve been sitting since the day we left DC and moved back to LA.

Under Construction.

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