An easier way to find your friends

Shaan Puri
Blab Daily Digest
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2 min readMar 1, 2016


Today, we are experimenting with something new.

It’s called, On Blab, and it’s going to make finding your friends much easier.

You can see which conversations your friends are in, and join them in one click.

Why add the ‘On Blab’ section?

Blab, at its core, is about the people & personalities.

So we replaced the tags section with something more useful — a way to quickly find what conversations your friends are in.

What do the icons mean?

Camera icon: your friend is on air

Green dot: your friend is in the chatroom.

What if I don’t want others to see that I’m online?

Every now and then you just want to fly solo. That’s cool — we get it.

You can go offline by toggling the status button (see the GIF above).

This is just the start

The homepage is going to be evolving over the next few weeks.

There are thousands of new blabs each day, we are going to make it easier & easier to find conversations that you’re interested in.

On Blab is just the start.