1. Schedule your Podcast

Once you schedule a Blab, your followers will be notified.

2. Share the link with your guests

Take the link directly from the address bar to send to the guests you’ll be having on your podcast.

3. Promote your Blab

“Tell a little bird” to share out a link to the scheduled Blab to Twitter, or Tell your aunt, so you can share out to facebook.

Anyone who comes to your scheduled Blab can also tweet it out!

4. Warm up your vocal chords

Make sure everyone’s sound is good to go, and you’re ready to record!

5. Record on Blab!

When you’re all ready to start, the host can hit the record button and your Blab’s replay will live in the URL for anyone who was late to the live show!

You can stop and start the recording to cut things out, and we will stitch your Blab together for you.

6. Take live callers

You’ve got fans, who have been dying for a chance to jump on your podcast. Dedicate the end of your podcast to getting to know your listeners (now viewers).

The host can choose who to accept into the call.

7. Take your mp3 and upload it straight to iTunes!

We e-mail you the raw mp3, mp4, and embed code for your website!

Check out how to embed your Blab here!