Blab Show Formats

There are many different ways to use Blab. We’ve created a platform, and our users guide the content. Sometimes it’s tricky to know which type of format fits your Blab, so I’ve mapped out some ideas.

Solo Blab Soap Boxing

Sometimes you’ve got something to say, we get it. Because Blab is conversational, this might be a difficult format to find success with. If you’re going to solo Blab, try opening up the seat for questions at the end or during.

  • Giving a presentation… your viewers might not like this.

Solo Blab taking 1 random caller

You might want to have a conversation, but start a Blab without a co-host. That’s okay. If your topic tugs at a viewer’s heartstrings enough, they might feel enticed to call in. You can always lock the extra seats and have a 1 on 1 discussion with this new found co-host.

  • Asking for advice.
  • Hosting a talent show or a “tell me a joke” Blab. Bringing callers in one at a time to perform a task.

Solo cold start

There are times where you’re just going to want to cold start a Blab. You just accept a full house of callers.

  • Talking about a current event or something that just happened!
  • Asking for advice and taking on a spontaneous panel.
  • Hosting a live workshop/tutorial (callers follow along live).

Taking text questions w/ callers

It’s always great to feature a question that a viewer has asked. A viewer types out a question, and the host wants to address it. They can pull the question in, and allow the caller to jump on face to face. It could be helpful for them to ask follow up questions live on camera. [Feature launched a test available to Product Hunt Live, coming soon].

  • AMA

Taking text questions, no callers

Answering questions publicly doesn’t require people to be on camera. You will [soon] be able to highlight questions on screen so viewers know which question you’re addressing.

  • AMA
  • Classroom review.
  • Play a game of would you rather (this could have more than one person on camera).
  • Roleplay — answer questions addressed to other people as if you are the person.
  • Pulling up the questions from the presidential debate to discuss alone (or with other callers) your thoughts on the matter.

Co-host from the start

You could already know someone you have a great dynamic with. You might have a friend with similar interests that you riff well off of. You can always start that show and accept callers to join your conversation.

  • We’re talking sports! Accept callers at anytime during the conversation.
  • Debating an issue with callers who take a side.
  • Podcasting with live call-ins that help create the content.

Just the two of us

Using Blab as an interview platform and not taking callers at all is totally okay. You can hop on and record all your shows or interviews here, and take elsewhere after the fact.

  • Interviewing
  • Podcasting
  • Talk show
  • Public debate

Magic in threes

You’re one of the lucky people who can find 2 friends you work well with. The group dynamic you form together is magic.

  • Podcasting
  • Talk show
  • Live improv (a personal favorite)
  • 3 pros talking shop
  • Panel

Magic in threes with callers

This is a great way to end a 3 host format show. Open the seat up for viewers to call in and ask questions, or add to the conversation.

  • Bring in 1 expert from the audience.
  • Talk show — hand a mic to the audience to ask a question.
  • Podcast — taking call-ins for viewers to add to the discussion.
  • Rotating hot seat.

Full host house

The 4 of you are magic. You wont be accepting callers because it’s a full house. You could always have a host hop off for callers, but it’s not necessary. The 4 of you are great all being on camera.

  • Talk show
  • Host heavy podcast
  • Live improv
  • Panel
  • 4 friends hanging out painting

These are just a few of the formats. There’s many more styles you can host Blabs in. There’s also no right or wrong way to host. Set the rules to your own party.

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