Blab users have already met in person after song writing together on Blab!

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August 11, 2015

👋 Blabbers -

Something more awesome things have been happening on Blab!

Blabbers meet and put on a live show:

Connections and collaborative songs have been made! Jessica and Richard met writing songs online, and started a song writing session on Blab! Andre, who neither of them have met jumped in and 90 minutes later they had written a whole song with suggestions from people watching live!

2 days later they met and performed live together!

​And it was amazing! Not only did they put on a show for an audience,Richard Richardson and Jessica Louise came by to meet Team Blab and perform life for us!

Live happy hour:

Hermine hosted a Blab Happy Hour with @spring44spirits! If you don’t follow @PersonaWired on Blab, you should so you don’t miss the next show!
Watch Here

Wednesday, August 12th:

Quiz Show (with Bitcoin jackpot!)
3:00pm (pacific time)

A #breakblab Blab is being attempted!
4:00pm (pacific time)

Communications for the Modern Biz with Vincenzo Landino
6:00pm (pacific time)

And soooo many more!

Pst… these things happened off the record:

This might make your FOMO a bit worse. I’m sorry!

Carrie hosted her first Blab, and it was a really fun improv session! I’m a bit of an improv geek myself, so we played ZOOM, 5 things, and ended the Blab by answering questions in new characters.

​Just starting out on Blab? Check out the FAQ. If you have any other questions feel free to just reply to this e-mail and I can get back to you.

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