Commenting on Blab

Slash commands:

/shrug & /tableflip


/q & /topic

/q or /question
/topic ________

@ Mentions and replying:

When your name is mentioned, it’ll appear highlighted so you can see it! Other handles will just be written in purple, but not highlighted.

Favoriting comments will show your avatar when hovered over.

When I hover over Nancy’s comment I’ll see a nice little reply arrow.

When I tap it, it’ll pre-fill Nancy’s handle into the comment bar to make responding much easier.

/Q Questions:

By typing /q or /question you can highlight your question! The host can choose to toggle between questions, mentions, and all chat if comments get busy!

Posting images and gifs:

Right click and tap copy image URL
Paste into chat.
Check where it says http
add an s to the end.

This will work for gifs and images. :)

Deleting comments:

When the host hovers over someone’s name they’ll see a little icon on the end that will remove the comment from the chat.

Video tutorial: