Current Unlisted Blabs

Unlisted Blabs are NOT at a final state. There are some extreme differences from public Blabs.

Unlisted Blabs:

  • Everyone is a host
  • Always off the record
  • It never ends
  • They cannot be scheduled, they’ll just start!
  • There are members instead of viewers
  • You can’t block people from the room

This is just the beginning, it’ll continue to evolve.


“I made an unlisted Blab and I cannot shut it down”

  • Unlisted Blabs will remain open, and you can use them as a place for your group to gather.

“Help! I can’t record in my unlisted Blab!”

  • Recording is disabled in unlisted Blabs because they never end. This is more of a place to hangout than a place to record content.
  • You can still record in public Blabs!

Your homepage will now include a section for unlisted Blabs you are a part of. You’ll be notified when members go on camera.

How do I share out my Blab?

You can still share out your Blab by sending your group a link. Be sure to do so privately so no one can access the room.

Will this be changing?

The current state of unlisted Blabs are very experimental. It will continue to evolve. To continue using previous Blab features, they are still available in public Blabs. :)

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