First Blab Daily Digest

August 10, 2015

👋Blabbers -

It’s been a crazy week on Blab!

Over half a million minutes of Blab were streamed over the past 3 days, and you might not have been able to catch it all.

Some awesome Blabs that happened:

Watch Here

Upcoming Blabs for Tuesday, August 11th:

Tuesday, August 11th:

What Happened This Week in Ad Tech with Paul Wicker10:00am (pacific time)

Global Comedy Improv Blab with Carrie & Brittany11:00am (pacific time)

HOW TO ATTRACT A HUSBAND Instead Of Another Boyfriend With Taylor Dean CSA6:35pm (pacific time)

Pst… these things happened off the record:

Pst… these things happened off the record:

Sorry for making your FOMO worse…

Grant Cardone jumped in a young podcasters Blab by surprise!

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