How Blab saved Vin Brown’s Business

Hosting a weekly show can lead to much more…

Vin has recently found himself feeling at home on Blab. He runs a few weekly shows on Blab already! One that helps people be more genuine online, and another that helps find interesting Blabbers to follow by interviewing and recommending new people each week!

Making promo graphics

Everyone wants their Blab to be noticed, and he’s helping users do just that! Making promo graphics to be shared out is also something he’s been getting paid to do!

Making Blab pages for other users on their websites

Vin’s live streaming page on his website.

He’s made pages for users who then become clients:

Margaret Lambert & Bronwyn Clee

Co-hosting Blabs!

When other Blabbers have been introduced and welcomed by Vin, he’s also been approached to be a standing co-host for a weekly Blab… and he’s paid to do it! :O

Hosting these types have Blabs has done two awesome things for Vin. He is getting to know new users in a really awesome way. He’s also being his helpful and personable self, which has lead to people reaching out to have him co-host their Blabs!

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