How to download your Blab!

Brittany Metz
Sep 20, 2015 · 2 min read

Put your Blab “on the record”

If your Blab wasn’t recorded, you wont be able to embed it later.

Check your e-mail

Within minutes of ending your Blab, you should receive an e-mail that looks like this:

You don’t need the whole iframe link if you’re adding it to a template/blog. If you’re adding it to your website, copy the whole embed code and use that.

Paste the embed link by clicking <>:

I just copied “” and went to “Add an embed” and pressed enter.

It’ll show up like this once you hit enter. :)

Download video

Click on download video, and right click on the video to save.

Download audio

This is done the same way you downloaded the video.

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What’s happening on Blab?

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Blab Daily Digest

What’s happening on Blab?

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