LIVE Town Hall Recap:

The 10th Town Hall called for a live Blab!


1. Live Embeds!

Seriously, this is a big one. You can now just embed anywhere! I’ll embed the Coffee & Cake scheduled Blab here to show you how it works!

^ so when this Blab starts… YOU’LL SEE IT HERE! You can even jump in from another site! You can now put this in your space! CAN’T STOP YELLING! This is amazing. The Blab team hasn’t slept for a while, so we hope you love it.


Something cool will be happening, but it was for live viewers only! :O UH OH! MORE SECRETS!

3. There will be another town hall this week!

Because of the secret Blab feature, and our devs were zombies some how functioning in society, Shaan and Furqan will be having ANOTHER town hall to release the secret news, and some more cool things…

Full Replay:


“Will we be bringing back who liked starred your comment?”


“Will the questions tab be coming back?”

It’ll be coming back in a cooler way… we think you’ll love it.

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